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Sufi Inspired Commission: “Sufi Light”

Kris Lee just completed a new commission with the theme “Sufi Light.” The large mixed media, 4’x6’, piece took 2 months to complete. The artwork was based on Sufi related imagery and poetry (Rumi, Hafiz). Arabic, and Farsi script were included in the artwork.

The central figure of this piece was a whirling Sufi dervish. To quote the gentleman that consigned the art, “He is lost in his ibadat (prayers), where he has no concept of his identity. He is all and all is him.”

Media used included: polymer clay, rice paper, Arches paper, acrylic, mirror, glass tile, 18 KT gold leaf, fabric, and hand-blown glass fragments. Freshwater pearls were sewn on the canvas, as well as numerous glass seed beads. The word “Sufi” means wool, so the artist included raw wool that was carded, dyed, spun, and felted by hand for the piece.

The English translation of the lamp-shaped Arabic script (*credit Sam Mugraby/Photos8.com) is “Light Upon Light,” from a verse in the Qur’an and the Farsi script on the left side of the piece is the same phrase repeated as a prayer. The winged heart was included because it is the universal symbol for Sufi. The piece lit in the dark also represents “oneness,” and transforms into a celestial spiral, encompassing all.

Kris Lee owned and operated WildSide Studio/Gallery, located on Main Street in Frisco, Colorado, representing over 80 artists, before closing the gallery to paint full-time.

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