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WildSide Studio/Gallery Archive Photos on Facebook

WildSide Studio/Gallery archive photos are now posted on Facebook!  The studio/gallery was a special place, located at 518 Main in a historic landmark in the small mountain town of Frisco, CO for several years.  Kris Lee owned the WildSide Studio/Gallery, where she had a working art studio that was open to the public.  During that time, she also represented over 80 artists, many from Colorado.  Photos from some of the numerous workshops, classes, exhibitions, and special events can be found in an album on Facebook.  If you have any photos that have been taken at Wildside Studio Gallery over the years that you would like to share, please send them to Kris and they will be added to the archive.  Check out the album for memories of fun times and spectacular artwork.

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Kris Lee owned and operated WildSide Studio/Gallery, located on Main Street in Frisco, Colorado, representing over 80 artists, before closing the gallery to paint full-time.

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